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The universal radiosurgery units with special features. Experience the difference to conventional electrosurgical devices (ESU) or cautery. Not only for all surgical IGeL interventions, but also for all surgical measures - from epilation of a single hair to major or minimally invasive interventions. With the radioSURG®2200 all cuts can be made and the smallest to larger bleeding can be stopped. Thanks to the innovative technology, even initial skin incisions can be made with the radioSURG® 2200 - without discoloration or necrosis. Excidates can be examined histologically up to the wound edges!

Medical   Dental   Veterinär


Tissue adhesive instead of sutures or stapling!

  • Easy application with disposable pipettes

  • Fast polymerization
  • Long shelf life

  • Favorable price / performance
  • User-friendly packaging


Medical   Dental   Veterinär

RF-ReFacing® - Anti-Aging-Behandlung mit Radiowellen

Safe and gentle method for a younger and firmer body.

  • Relaxing and pleasant treatment
  • Pain-free without syringe and scalpel
  • No disturbing visual skin changes
  • No hematomas
  • No swelling
  • Erhalt der natürlichen Hautdicke
  • Kein Verlust der Sinnesreize
  • Kein Klinik- oder Hotelaufenthalt
  • Kein Arbeitsausfall

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Smoke evacuation of next generation.
For clean and pure air in the room.

  • With the 4-way high filter  performance
  • 99,999 % filtered
  • High economics due to long filter running time
  • Angenehm leise und effizient für konzentriertes Arbeiten
  • Keine Geruchsbelästigung
  • Sicherer Schutz vor toxischen Stoffen
  • Für alle HF-, Radiowellen-, Ultraschall- und Laserchirurgiegeräte
  • Kompakte Geräteabmessungen
  • Absaugung direkt an der Entstehungsstelle

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