radioSURG® 2200

Radio surgery of the 21st century

Plastic surgeons attach great importance to the esthetic result of a surgery. Why should this demand be restricted to this area only? The use of Meyer-Haake products helps you to ensure that this claim becomes standard in your and every other medical specialty. Take advantage of "cold" cuts and gentle coagulation.

As in all technical areas, also our engineers are always working on improvements and the further development of our innovative Meyer-Haake products. Of course, the design of the devices has changed a lot over the last years – and even more the inner values, making our modern high frequency devices so interesting. You cannot believe? Arrange an on-site presentation today and take the results of your surgeries to a new level.


Further special features and unique selling points of our high frequency / radio surgical devices:

  • 6 models available for all surgical procedures from minor applications in the office to major surgeries in the operation room.
  • Pressure less „cold“ cuts which are so gentle, that excidates can be transplanted or have a histo-pathological examination up to the incision edges! **
  • High frequency probes that follow any surgical and anatomical line without pressure, when cutting in the tissue, leaving no discoloration or necrosis!
  • Initial skin incision which can be perfectly performed along the cutting line without discoloration!
  • The gentlest coagulation with every procedure due to the adjustable coagulation degree from 1 to 9 and the adjustable coagulation duration from 0.05 to 1 second or permanent.
  • Hardly any hematomas! Therefore, the patients are socially presentable as quickly as possible, e.g. after blepharoplasty of the upper or lower eye lids!
  • Automatic switch-off, when a certain impedance is reached in the tissue. *
  • Activation of the outputs without touching the device via hand pieces or the multifunction foot pedal! *
  • An USB stick can be connected via the USB slot, on which all parameters of the surgery are documented in a LOG file in txt format. All information such as date, time, mode and parameter of settings of the device, as well as the duration of the activation of the unit are documented. *
  • Extensive range of accessories (autoclavable or sterile for single use) for every medical field.


  • Anti-Aging treatment RF-ReFacing® with radio waves. Due to the output power in the megahertz range, elastin and collagen are stimulated to be regenerated.
  • 45 parameters for procedures are preprogrammed from 8 medical specialties! *
  • Memory functions for the last used settings!
  • Individual settings can be saved in each mode! *
* Depending on the device’s equipment
** Thermal studies confirm this statement




Summary radioSURG® devices

radioSURG® 2200 PT

The sensational innovation in the field of radio surgery: touch screen, 45 preset procedures from 8 medical specialties, records as txt file all surgical parameters on an USB stick, such as date and duration of the surgery.

radioSURG® 2200 PTA

As model PT, but additionally equipped with an automatic switch-off for ENT to reduce the volume of the turbinate, tightening of the soft palate or treatment of the lingual tonsils. When a certain resistance is reached in the tissue, the device switches-off

radioSURG® 2200 TP

The universal device for all minor and major surgeries, which makes a scalpel superfluous. For all specialist areas, where bipolar coagulation is required.


radioSURG® 2200 TPA

As model TP, but additionally equipped with an automatic switch-off for ENT to reduce the volume of the turbinate, tightening of the soft palate or treatment of the lingual tonsils. When a certain resistance is reached in the tissue, the device switches-off

radioSURG® 2200 M

The monopolar device is the economic alternative for all practices in which only minor procedures are performed, which require no bipolar coagulation.

radioSURG® 2200 B

The small, compact radioSURG® 2200 B with touch screen and the performance of the large models was designed exclusively for bipolar coagulation. The device soon will be an integral part of any ENT practice , emergency room or ambulance car. Hemostasis of small or large bleeding can be performed and, therefore, wound can be treated in seconds. So stress is taken away and more patients can be treated quickly.

Bipolar coagulation with adjustable coagulation degree and adjustable coagulation duration.



Radio frequency generators offer an attractive surgical method to surgeons: They are the minimally invasive form of electro surgery

Scientific papers (excerpts):

Due to the very high frequency, the natural biological tissue resistance is lower (Gabriel C., 1996). The cell walls are bridged by a capacitive effect, whereby the energy is released directly into the cells (Stelter K. et al., 2014) and so, in turn, less energy is required. Histological studies have shown, that there is less damage to surrounding tissue than with standard high frequency devices (Hoffmann T. K. et al., 2014; Kasten R., 2009).

In a meta-analysis (Veer V. et al., 2014) the authors highlighted the low complication rate (2 % minor, 0 % serious complications) and justify this as generally realistic with the minimally invasive character of radio frequency applications.

“Radio frequency energy results in frictional heat in the surrounding tissue by creating ionic agitation. Therefore, neither the electrode nor the adjacent tissue becomes hot. The emission of radio frequency energy is proportional 1/radius, minimizing tissue damage and a predictable tissue damage pattern results.
This explains the apparent low number of complications and side effects caused by this technique.” (Veer V. et al., 2014)

Advantages of working in the Megahertz range instead of Kilohertz (ESU)
  • The use of „cold“ cuts is so gentle on the tissue that no discoloration or necrosis occurs at the wound edges
  • Histo-pathological examinations are possible up to the incision rim
  • Excisions are transplantable

Fig.: Absolutely vital incision margin


Brochures & Product Information


radioSURG® 2200
Radio surgical devices
radioSURG® B

radioSURG® M

radioSURG® TP

radioSURG® TPA

ENT Version

radioSURG® PT

radioSURG® PTA
ENT Version

Monopolar cutting    
Monopolar cutting and coagulation  

Monopolar coagulation


Bipolar cutting


Bipolar coagulation

Adjustable coagulation degree

Adjustable coagulation duration

Automatic switch-off (ENT)


Preset programs for medical fields


USB recording


Monitoring of neutral electrode via quality monitor


Contactless switching


Connection of smoke evacuation



Radio surgery of the 21st century


Pressureless, cold cuts to preserve every millimeter of gingiva.


No more burns due to pressure-less, cold incisions.


Accessories for all kind of procedures


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