For clean and pure air in the room.

Professional smoke evacuation
system by Meyer-Haake



Smoke evacuation system

For clean and pure air in the room.


Extremely quiet and a long filter lifetime.

Health protection in the work place is of great importance. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the discussion about aerosols in the indoor air, health protection is becoming even more important.

Already in 2007 the Robert-Koch-Institute pointed out the danger of surgical smoke. The high energies in ultrasound, high frequency, radiofrequency and laser surgery cause toxic reactions, which are a very serious health hazard. On the basis of international scientific studies several countries have already

passed corresponding legislation making localized smoke evacuation systems

with high-performance filters mandatory for the protection of the surgeon and the assisting team.

Protective legislation is currently in preparation in many other countries Cutting and coagulation – depending on the method and unit – set free different sizes of particles from 0.07 to 200 μm.

41 different chemical substances have been identified in smoke – some of which are highly toxic.

Standard surgical masks filter particles in the 0.6 to 5 μm range only. However, the average particle size of viruses is 0.015 to 0.2 μm. In addition to this, up to 25% of the breathing volume is able to bypass the surgical mask.

In toxicological studies not only erythrocytes and living cell material but also biological contaminants as viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi were found.

Also viral and HIV DNA was discovered. Scientists stated, that as many harmful toxins can be inhaled in one day in the operating room, as the known unhealthy smoke of a pack of cigarettes!

Your surgical mask is no protection! 


Daily protection from infections and diseases caused by toxic substances – for the sake of your health.

  • With the 4-stage filter large particles, liquids, surgical fumes and odors  as well as particles from 0.1 µm to 0.2 µm are filtered with an efficiency of 99.999 percent
  • Highly cost efficient due to the long filter lifetime of 35 hours
  • Pleasantly quiet and efficient for concentrated work
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Safe protection from toxic substances
  • For all high frequency, radio surgery, ultrasound and laser surgery devices
  • Automatic smoke evacuation for all devices via trigger cable, foot pedal or remote control
  • Compact device for equipment carts, ceiling supply unit and stacked units
  • Smoke evacuation directly from the point of origin by using a tube or tube with an adapter for the hand piece

Additional information

We are pleased to send scientific articles about surgical smoke to you and advise you competently.


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