The more effective way to tighten the skin

For a younger face and a firmer body



Anti-Aging with the Beauty Treat

including a cosmetic line

Innovative technique
and flexible application

The Beauty Treat device was especially developed for the application of the  RF-ReFacing® method in beauty salons and SPAs. The users are professionally trained, and therefore, can use the device for the application within a short time. Based on 30 years of medical use of radio waves, Meyer-Haake has developed the Beauty Treat with leading
physicians. The Beauty Treat combines high-tech medical technique with simple handling and enables unique
anti-aging treatments.

For use on the face, neck or body. Depending on the application especially developed electrodes are available which perfectly match to the various requirements.

We value quality that you can rely on. Our devices are developed, manufactured and certified in Germany. You can rely on our competence, also after purchase. Repair service and professional advice are a matter of course for us.


How does the RF-ReFacing® method work?

  • The energy of the radio waves reaches the dermis
  • The structures that have become too long are shortened
  • The fibroblasts are stimulated
  • Collagen and elastin are regenerated
  • The skin structure improves gradually



Prospekte & Produktinformationen

Anti-Aging treatment

RF-ReFacing® Anti-Aging Treatment with radio waves. The safe and gentle method for younger facial features and a tighter body.

  • Relaxing, pleasant treatment
  • Painless without syringe or scalpell
  • No disturbing visual skin alterations
  • No hematomas
  • No swelling
  • Preservation of the natural skin thickness
  • No loss of sensory stimuli
  • No stay at hospital or hotel
  • No lack of work
  • Immediately presentable

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  • Our extensive cosmetic line was developed in cooperation with physicians for the anti-aging treatment with radio waves, the treatment in a salon and the skin care at home. Meyer-Haake products are vegan and halal and thanks to the purity of all ingredients, suitable for all skin types – even problematic skin.
  • The radio waves of the anti-aging treatment RF-ReFacing® infiltrate these valuable products from our cosmetic line into the skin. The radio waves stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen. The skin is smoothed out and wrinkles are minimized.


  • The skin helps itself!
    By using the cosmetics at home, the result of the treatment in the salon is beneficially supported.



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